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About Fishing Junkie


Fishing Junkie is new generation of app developed by focusing on real anglers needs. With this app, you will have all necessary in your pocket and for sure it will be one of the best parts of your fishing equipment.

It provides you unique SmartWeather, where you can set appropriate conditions for your planned fishing trips. You can set range of temperature, wind force and precipitation. SmartWeather will show you if day you chose is suitable for fishing . Weather will provide you forecast for next 7 days and forecast for next 24 hours and important charts for next 48 hours for the best fishing planning. You can choose and watch all your favorite locations on one screen and you can edit the name of locations by your own.

One of other important feature is a FishCounter. As many of us, real anglers, are losing overview of amount of caught fishes during fishing trip, fish counter gives you option to have precise amount of your catches. Simply by tap & count. Also, you can choose fishing method by holding a icon on a screen.

Catch History gives you accurate overview of your success during the previous fishing trips. Here you can see date & time, location, weather details, amount of caught fishes and type of angling.

Fishing Junkie allows you to be prepared and informed for your fishing trips all over the world.

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